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offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is a process in which certain work, activity or process is outsourced to an offshore location. It is based on the principal that no organization can perform all the activities diligently with the same efficiency like experts. India has emerged as the dominant country in offshoring, especially in web development world. Outsourcing has given a new mantra to success which is 'let's grow together'. As a custom web design and development company, we offer outsourcing in the areas including web design, web development, SEO, print media and graphic art work. View our services for more info

We at CDS, promise to provide highly qualitative and cost-effective custom web solutions to our clients globally. We have extensive experience in many sectors like Photoshop, CSS, XHTML, .NET development, database designing and backend programming, e-commerce web applications, shopping cart integrations, content writing, and more.

We provide reliable, quality services team to focus on your core business needs to assure that a dedicated team is working for you.

benefits of outsourcing

Flexibility and focus: We offer you an offshore outsourcing model which combines the best of its onshore and offshore outsourcing resources to provide you with the flexibility to operate and focus on your core business flawlessly.

24 X 7 services: By outsourcing you can receive benefits round-the-clock yourself as well as provided to your customer as and when needed. A 24x7 development cycle technically halves the time in which the company usually brings products to market.

Timely delivery: We can assure you timely delivery of your product or service as we plan and schedule our work properly. We maintain proper time logs.

Cost Effective: Outsourcing in the best sense allows companies to operate at a higher level of revenue without having to see a corresponding increase in operating costs.

Competitive Advantage: Generally outsourced services saves 40 to 60 percent of the actual project cost. Outsourcing allows the company to bring products to market faster in addition to maintaining development costs within budget.

Quality Assurance: Our QA team makes sure that the product or service we are delivering to you is reliable and is deliverable.

Dedicated team: We are a dedicated team of professionals who work for our clients with responsiveness and honesty to give you a desired level of service in time.

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