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IT Consultation Services, Brand Management, Website Usability, Website Redesign & Relaunch

consultation services

We provide IT consultation for your business of any type or size. CDS is here to prepare plans and strategies for aligning Information Technology with your business needs and objectives. We deliver practical advice and performance based solutions. Our consulting services include: brand management, preparing prototype, search engine optimization, website usability, website redesign and relaunch.

brand management

Your brand is your corporate identity which lets you stand above the crowd. The aim of branding is to convey brand message vividly, create customer loyalty, persuade the buyer for the product, and establish an emotional connectivity with the customers. Branding forms customer perceptions about the product. It should raise customer expectations about the product. A successful brand gives quality image to your business and it can only be created if the brand management system is competent.

prototype flow and layout

The prototype is a non-working model of the application stating the flow and working of the application. It is a rough but detailed layout of what we are going to develop for our client. It facilitates us to analyze, strategy planning, resource management, implementation, etc. to make the product as good as we can. We use the prototypes/wireframe diagrams to give our clients a better insight of the project.

search engine optimization

SEO covers a wide range of skillsets; having an excellent designer and developers who are able to get your site ranked well on the search engines. You may have great site traffic, but you aren't getting many sales. So, we can help you find your potential visitors and turn them into real customers.

website usability

We help building your own website as it requires the right professionals and coordination among the different phases of the work. An effective web solution requires a clear definition of goals, comprehensive planning, and expert execution. Therefore, the websites we develop are user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, self-guiding, highlights your product your services to gain potential audience.

website redesign and relaunch

With the rapid changing technology and constantly evolving web, your website begins to look and act old. If a website is not updated regularly has the possibility to lose the target audience. Getting your website redesigned by CDS will get you cost-effective solution for getting the results which you have always desired for. We not only give your website enhanced look and feel to attract more visitors but also provide the features and functionality of being adhered to web standards.

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